Different Nanotech Based Drugs

There are many instances of nanotechnology already serving as the key component in current medical treatments and drugs. Researchers were quick to adapt advances in nanotechnology into ways to improve the treatment of serious diseases, including taking important steps forward in the treatment of cancer. Several medical treatments and drugs using nanotechnology have been developed in the last few years to treat, as well as diagnose and prevent, multiple forms of cancer. This involves methods for improving drug delivery systems, oral pills that can locally target the locations of tumors, and nanoparticles that hunt out tumors and destroy them without harming the immune system or body. As more research progresses into nanomedicine nanotechnology in pharmaceuticals expands in its scope and role in fighting disease. For the latest updates in research about nanomedicine and to see a list of current nanomedicine contact a company that specializes in nanotechnology today.

Nanomedicine is used to increase the effectiveness of delivering medicine to the body. Nanoparticles are able to decrease the surface area of drugs, helping them find their way into the bloodstream and absorb faster. As well, nanoparticles can be designed to attract to and seek out specific proteins in the body helping to deliver medicine directly to the spot of an infection or cancer cell. This allows the medicine to travel directly to the spot in need and not be wasted in the absorption into the body.

Specific drugs have already integrated this technique into their pharmaceutical design and are currently available. One cancer fighting drug uses a nanoparticle as a binding agent with a medicine that stops the division of cells. The nanoparticle is used as a delivery mechanism to help the drug enter the body and reach the sight of the tumor cells. Other nanoparticle cancer treatments include the use of using nanoparticles of gold equipped with coating to attract to cancer cells. One attached, doctors use a form of photodynamic therapy to heat the gold with an external light source, causing the cancer cell attached to also heat and be destroyed. This leaves little to no damage to the body, making it one of the safer and more attractive ways to treat cancer. For more information on medical drugs containing nanotechnologies, be sure to contact a specialist company in nanomedicine for a full list.

For up to date information regarding future research into nanomedicine as well as the use of nanotechnology in drugs reach out to a nanotechnology company today. You can receive listings of all the current nanomedicines as well as information regarding their distribution and availability.