Nanotech Gene Therapy

Genes are like the command code for the how body and its collection of cells, limbs, and organs are supposed to behave and perform. In some cases due to age, sickness, disease or damage, an area of the body can either suffer from a breakdown of the gene or stop responding to the gene. This is characteristic in cancer patients, where the tumor cell stops the proper reproduction of cells and leads to the cancer. Gene therapy is a technique for treating these bodily malfunctions by administering new DNA codes in the form of genes into the affected area of the body to regulate and normalize the reproductive pattern and function of the body. Researchers have shown that they can use nanotechnology in gene therapy as a way of delivering these new genes. To find out more about the potential of nanotechnology in gene therapy treatments contact a company that specializes in nanotechnology for medical use.

Past practices for gene therapy procedures involve using viruses as a delivery system for the new genes. Viruses are just codes of DNA or RNA contained within proteins and lipids that are able to penetrate into the cells of a host and reproduce its own DNA. Researchers are able to use forms of viruses to deliver the new DNA into the body and the damaged body part. However medical practitioners often have problems using viruses as a deliver method. The viruses are not always accepted by the body and can lead to an immune response reaction resulting in inflammation or auto-immune attacks on the body.

Researchers have found out that they can switch from using viruses to using localized nanoparticles and nanorobots to deliver new genes in therapy. The method involves using inorganic nanoparticles attached with compressed strands of RNA and DNA to pass inside the cells and drop off the genes into the cells. This non-viral technique has improved safety precautions making gene therapy possible. These nanoparticles use peptides to be able to effectively enter the cells and drop of the DNA without causing damage to the body. To find out more about the use of nanotechnology for genetic conditions and gene therapy delivery, contact a nanomedicine company that deals with nanotechnology.

Gene therapy is a unique medical therapy that can treat cancer tumors and regulate bodily functions. Nanotechnology for genetic medicine is a new way to improve the effectiveness and safety of gene therapy, you can find out more about this procedure by contact a nanotechnology company.